Sewing Patterns Availabiliy

Passionate about my creations, I provide you with the sewing patterns for my hats. They are available for download below in 3 sizes: small, medium, & large. Small corresponds to a head circumference of around 56cm, medium around 59cm, and large around 61cm. They include a 1cm seam allowance. My patterns are in PDF format and can be printed on A4 paper (they are tiled).

My designs are sophisticated: my headwear is reversible, incorporates piping, and is designed to minimize visible seams. Although their creation is not aimed at beginner sewers, you can simplify it by omitting the piping, but the hat will lose some elegance.

Bucket Hat Pattern

Beret Pattern

Video Tutorials

My YouTube channel contains videos aimed at helping you:
- Create your bucket hat or beret step by step.
- Understand the characteristics of these hats to enable you to create your own patterns (I provide tools for this purpose in the downloads).
Please make sure to enable subtitles, as they are essential for understanding these tutorials.

To make them more user-friendly, I am currently integrating an index into each of these videos."

Other Downloads

Would you like to customize your creations? I provide you with small, simple spreadsheets that, based on your customization preferences, will provide you with key parameters for creating your personalized patterns. For a better understanding of these templates, I encourage you to visit my video tutorials on my YouTube channel (see above).

Béret: paramètres clés

Bobs: paramètres clés