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XXL personalized beret (synthetic satin lining)

XXL personalized beret (synthetic satin lining)

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An original extra large French beret especially designed for ladies with opulent hairdo.

Oversized & made to order, your custom béret features a synthetic satin lining & takes care of luxurious locks, impressive hair volume and natural hairstyles. With a large selection of fabrics to choose from for the lining and the outside. Fun, stylish, elegant & and comfortable. With the PapHat refined finishes, including a contrasting piping trim, this customized headwear can be worn day or night, indoors or outdoors. An exclusive product from OurHatsDeserveBetter.

Select your size (small [54-57 cm] or large [58-60 cm), your satin lining (natural silk or synthetic) and the external fabric. Hesitant on the fabrics? Please consult our Bonnets, Bérets & Caps Fabrics page.

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